You have been tasked to create a New Faculty/Staff Policy. …

You have been tasked to create a New Faculty/Staff Policy.  Using the guidelines provided in chapter 11, and other resources as needed, create a step-by-step IT security policy for implementing a new user account for a faculty or staff member.  The policy should define what resources the employee will have access to, what he/she will not have access to, and any restrictions. Write this policy in a 2 to 3 page paper use APA format and adhere to the writing rubric.

Title: Faculty and Staff User Account Creation Policy: Ensuring IT Security and Access Control

In an era of increasing reliance on digital systems and information technology (IT) infrastructure, organizations face the constant challenge of safeguarding sensitive data while providing adequate access to employees. The purpose of this policy is to outline the step-by-step process for implementing a new user account for faculty and staff members, ensuring data security, access control, and compliance with organizational guidelines. This policy will define the resources that employees will have access to, delineate restricted areas, and establish necessary restrictions.

I. Policy Statement:
This policy aims to establish a structured procedure for creating and managing user accounts for faculty and staff members. It ensures that access is granted only to authorized individuals in order to protect confidential and sensitive information and maintain the integrity of organizational IT systems.

II. Scope:
This policy applies to all faculty and staff members who require access to the organization’s IT resources. It encompasses all user account creation activities, including account registration, assignment of access privileges, and periodic account review.

III. User Account Creation Process:
The following steps should be followed to implement a new user account for a faculty or staff member:

1. Request Initiation:
a. The hiring department or supervisor initiates the user account creation process by submitting a request to the IT department in writing.
b. The request should include the employee’s full name, position, start date, and department.

2. IT Account Registration:
a. The IT department reviews the request and confirms its validity by verifying the employee’s employment status and department.
b. Upon validation, the IT department initiates the account registration process, ensuring compliance with relevant security guidelines and procedures.

3. Access Privileges:
a. A designated IT administrator assigns access privileges to the user account based on the employee’s role and responsibilities within the organization.
b. Access privileges may vary according to the employee’s department, level of authority, and job requirements, ensuring a principle of least privilege.

4. Required Trainings:
a. Before the user account can be activated, the employee must complete mandatory IT security awareness and training programs.
b. These trainings cover topics such as password hygiene, data protection, acceptable use policies, and potential security threats.

5. Account Activation:
a. After successful completion of the required trainings, the IT department activates the user account, granting access to specified IT resources.
b. The employee receives account credentials and instructions on how to set a secure password and maintain account confidentiality.

IV. Access Restrictions:
Access to certain resources or areas may be restricted based on the employee’s role, department, or organizational policies. The following restrictions may be applicable:

1. Data Access:
a. Faculty and staff members should only have access to data that is essential for performing their job duties.
b. Sensitive and confidential information should be accessible only to authorized individuals, such as administrators or department heads.

2. Network Access:
a. Faculty and staff members’ network access may be limited to specific areas, such as their department’s network or shared drives.
b. Restrictions may be imposed on network access to ensure compliance with organizational policies and protect against unauthorized data exposure.

3. Administrative Privileges:
a. Administrative privileges should be granted only to designated individuals responsible for system maintenance, security, or IT support.
b. Faculty and staff accounts will typically be created with standard user access rights, unless specifically required for job-related responsibilities.

4. System and Software Usage:
a. Employees must adhere to organization-approved software usage policies and only install authorized applications.
b. Access and usage of software systems outside the scope of job responsibilities should be restricted to prevent potential security breaches.

V. Periodic Account Review:
To ensure ongoing compliance and data security, a periodic review of user accounts should be conducted by the IT department. This review should include:

1. Account Validation:
a. Confirming that user accounts are still required and aligned with the employee’s current role and responsibilities.
b. Removing access privileges for employees who have left the organization or changed positions.

2. Access Rights Review:
a. Evaluating access privileges granted to each user account and ensuring they are appropriate for the employee’s administrative needs.
b. Modifying access privileges as necessary, based on changes in job responsibilities or organizational requirements.

The implementation of this Faculty and Staff User Account Creation Policy will promote IT security, access control, and data protection within the organization. By standardizing the account creation process and defining access privileges and restrictions, the organization can minimize security risks associated with unauthorized access, maintain data confidentiality, and adhere to industry best practices.