In this essay, you will provide an overview of the server-s…

In this essay, you will provide an overview of the server-side and client-side hardware and software requirements for Workday.  You will then focus the bulk of your essay on analyzing the competitive advantage that your information system (Workday) provides to users of the system (or to the company who created and maintains the system) and on proposing your own recommendations for improving and enhancing the information system with additional features and functionality. **please follow the attached template; APA format; minimum 1500 word

Title: Workday: Analysis of Hardware and Software Requirements and Competitive Advantage

Workday is an enterprise cloud application suite that offers a range of human resources (HR), finance, and planning solutions. To fully understand and appreciate the competitive advantage Workday provides, it is crucial to examine the server-side and client-side hardware and software requirements. This essay aims to provide an overview of these requirements and analyze the competitive advantage offered by Workday, followed by recommendations for enhancing the system with additional features and functionality.

I. Server-Side Hardware and Software Requirements:
Workday’s server-side hardware and software requirements are essential for delivering a smooth and efficient user experience. These requirements include robust infrastructure, effective data storage systems, and resilient server capabilities.

A. Infrastructure:
Workday operates on a cloud-based infrastructure, eliminating the need for on-premises hardware. The server infrastructure includes high-performance servers with ample processing power, memory, and storage capacity. It leverages advanced networking capabilities to ensure seamless data transmission and availability.

B. Data Storage Systems:
Workday necessitates efficient storage systems to accommodate voluminous and diverse data sets. This includes structured data for employee records, financial transactions, and analytical data for generating insights and reports. High-speed storage arrays and data redundancy mechanisms ensure data integrity, scalability, and performance.

C. Server Capabilities:
Workday requires powerful server capabilities to handle concurrent user accesses, process complex queries, and deliver real-time results. Scalable server clusters and load balancers enable workload distribution for optimum resource utilization. The system employs advanced algorithms to prioritize and process requests efficiently.

II. Client-Side Hardware and Software Requirements:
Workday offers a user-friendly interface accessible through various devices, such as computers, laptops, tablets, and smartphones. The client-side hardware and software requirements are vital for ensuring compatibility, usability, and performance.

A. Hardware:
Users can access Workday through a range of devices, necessitating hardware compatibility and performance considerations. Minimum requirements include a modern processor, sufficient RAM, and a stable internet connection. Mobile devices should meet specific screen size and resolution standards for optimal display and interaction.

B. Software:
Workday supports various operating systems, browsers, and mobile platforms, requiring users to meet specific software requirements. This includes operating system versions, browser compatibility, and necessary plug-ins or extensions. Compliance with these requirements ensures seamless functionality and security.

III. Competitive Advantage of Workday:
Workday holds a significant competitive advantage due to its comprehensive suite of HR, finance, and planning solutions offered through a cloud-based platform. This advantage can be assessed from two viewpoints: the users of the system and the company that created and maintains the system.

A. User Perspective:
Workday provides users with a unified interface where they can access and manage HR, finance, and planning functions seamlessly. The platform enables self-service capabilities, empowering employees to update their information, request time off, view pay statements, and access company policies effortlessly. The intuitiveness and simplicity of the user interface result in increased productivity and user satisfaction.

B. Company Perspective:
As the company behind Workday, its creators and maintainers benefit from several competitive advantages. The cloud-based architecture allows for cost savings on infrastructure, hardware, and maintenance, compared to traditional on-premises solutions. Workday’s regular updates and enhancements provide users with up-to-date features and innovative functionalities, enhancing their experience and satisfaction. Additionally, the platform’s scalability and flexibility accommodate organizational growth and evolving business needs, ensuring a competitive edge for the company.

IV. Recommendations for Improvement and Enhancement:
To further enhance the Workday information system, the following recommendations are proposed:

A. Integration with Third-Party Applications:
Increasing integration capabilities with popular business applications, such as customer relationship management (CRM) systems or project management tools, would provide a comprehensive solution for organizations. This integration would enable seamless data flow, eliminating the need for redundant data entry and improving overall productivity.

B. Enhanced Analytics and Reporting Features:
Expanding the analytical capabilities of Workday, such as advanced reporting tools, artificial intelligence-enabled insights, and predictive analytics, would provide users with actionable intelligence for decision-making. Tailored dashboards and interactive visualization tools would facilitate data exploration and improve data-driven decision-making.

C. Enhanced Mobile Experience:
Investing in a dedicated mobile application for Workday would enhance the mobile user experience and extend the platform’s accessibility. This would allow employees to engage with HR, finance, and planning functions on-the-go, improving productivity and user satisfaction.

Workday offers a robust and advanced information system that provides a competitive advantage through its cloud-based platform, comprehensive solutions, and user-friendly interface. By considering recommendations for improvement and enhancement, such as integration with third-party applications, enhanced analytics and reporting features, and an enhanced mobile experience, Workday can further strengthen its competitive position and continue to provide industry-leading solutions to its users and the company itself.