I’m doing my research work and need to submit a topic for di…

I’m doing my research work and need to submit a topic for dissertation topic approval. Initially, I need topic approval research document. I need a 2-3 page APA format document for the dissertation research. The document need to describe about the topic, mention the problems or gap identified in the research and tell on what population you need to do research work and what are you going to research. Also need to mention qualitative or quantitative method of research will be used.

Title: The Impact of Artificial Intelligence on Employment: A Quantitative Analysis


Artificial intelligence (AI) has seen significant advancements in recent years, revolutionizing various sectors of society. From self-driving cars to voice assistants, AI has been integrated into our daily lives, altering numerous aspects of work and employment. The purpose of this research is to analyze the impact of AI on employment, specifically focusing on its effects on job displacement and job creation. By examining the current landscape, identifying potential areas of concern, and conducting a quantitative analysis, this study aims to contribute to the ongoing discussion about the implications of AI on the labor market.

Problem Statement:

The onset of AI has raised concerns about the potential displacement of human workers due to automation. The existing literature indicates a wide range of perspectives on this matter, with predictions ranging from dire job losses to a shift towards a more flexible labor market. However, there remains a knowledge gap regarding the actual impact of AI on employment. It is important to address this gap to inform policy decisions and create proactive measures to mitigate any negative consequences. Furthermore, exploring the potential for job creation through the development and implementation of AI technologies is crucial for understanding the evolving nature of work.

Research Objectives:

1. To assess the extent to which AI has led to job displacement in various sectors of the economy.
2. To identify the new employment opportunities that have emerged as a result of AI implementation.
3. To quantify the overall impact of AI on employment levels and job quality.
4. To understand the factors that contribute to differential impacts of AI on different population groups.
5. To evaluate the effectiveness of current policy interventions aimed at mitigating potential negative consequences of AI on employment.

Population and Research Focus:

This study will focus on the impact of AI on employment in the United States within the past decade. An extensive dataset encompassing labor market indicators, such as employment rates, job creation, and job displacement, will be utilized. The research will cover various sectors, including manufacturing, transportation, finance, healthcare, and customer service, among others.

Quantitative Research Methodology:

A quantitative approach will be employed to conduct this research. A comprehensive analysis of secondary data from government reports, labor market surveys, and industry databases will be conducted. Statistical techniques such as regression analysis, trend analysis, and time series analysis will be utilized to quantitatively measure the impact of AI on employment levels and job displacement. These methods will enable the identification of relationships, patterns, and trends in the data, providing a comprehensive understanding of the research topic.


This research aims to address the knowledge gap surrounding the impact of AI on employment, particularly focusing on job displacement and creation. By utilizing a quantitative research methodology and examining a diverse range of sectors, this study will contribute to a deeper understanding of the implications of AI on the labor market. The findings of this research will inform policy decisions, enable proactive measures to mitigate potential negative consequences, and provide insights into maximizing the benefits of AI in the future of work.