Ch. 13 of , especially the “Lifestyle Effects”, “Attitude E…

Ch. 13 of , especially the “Lifestyle Effects”, “Attitude Effects”, “Cultural Effects”, and “Behavioral Effects” sections. one lifestyle, attitude, cultural, or behavioral effect to analyze. Research the topic and select 8–10 research articles from the University Library. annotated references. Your list must summarize each article and explain why it is relevant to the topic. whether this was an experimental research study. Explain what research methodology was used to collect the data in the article. your annotated reference list consistent with APA guidelines.

Chapter 13 of the textbook, specifically the sections on “Lifestyle Effects,” “Attitude Effects,” “Cultural Effects,” and “Behavioral Effects,” delves into the various impacts that lifestyle, attitudes, culture, and behaviors have on individuals. For your assignment, you have been asked to choose a specific effect in one of these areas and analyze it. This involves conducting research on the chosen topic and selecting 8-10 research articles from the University Library.

To begin, it is important to provide a clear definition and understanding of the chosen effect, as well as its relevance. For instance, if you decide to focus on the lifestyle effect, you would need to explain what a lifestyle effect is and why it is significant in the context of the topic you are investigating. Similarly, if you choose to explore attitude effects, cultural effects, or behavioral effects, you would need to provide a concise explanation and justify their relevance.

Once you have identified the effect you wish to analyze, the next step is to conduct research and find relevant articles from the University Library. It is essential to choose high-quality research articles that offer insights into the specific effect and its impact. Generally, you should aim to select articles published within the last five years.

When compiling your annotated reference list, each individual reference should be summarized and explained in a concise manner. You should consider including details such as the author’s names, the year of publication, the title of the article, the journal or source it was published in, and any key findings or contributions the article makes to the topic. Additionally, it is important to elucidate why each article is relevant to your chosen effect.

In evaluating the research articles, you will need to determine whether they are experimental studies. Experimental research studies involve manipulating variables and observing the effects, allowing for causal inferences to be made. If an article describes an experimental study, it is important to detail the research methodology used to collect and analyze data. This could involve information about participants, experimental design, data collection methods, statistical analyses, and any limitations or weaknesses of the study.

Finally, when formatting your annotated reference list, it is vital to follow the guidelines set forth by the American Psychological Association (APA). APA provides specific rules for citing and referencing within academic writing. These guidelines dictate how references should be presented, including aspects such as font size, indentation, and the order of information provided.

In conclusion, for your assignment, you are required to choose one effect from the areas of lifestyle, attitudes, culture, or behavior and analyze it. This involves conducting research, selecting 8-10 relevant research articles from the University Library, summarizing and explaining each reference, evaluating whether the articles are experimental studies, describing the research methodology used in the articles, and formatting the annotated reference list in accordance with APA guidelines.